Expo Beat till Punk,
until 26 Januari 2020.

An exhibition with a nostalgic look at the 60s and 70s. An overview of what happened at that time and what mattered, mopeds, long hair, music, An overview of a time span. With jukebox, fashion, barbie, LPs, interviews, films. Etc.

Old harbour Almelo:
1 dec. 2019 until 2 febr. 2020

Bringing back the water in the center of Almelo is a reason for the City Museum to present a small exhibition in the reception hall with scenes from the old port. Born and raised Almelo painters who portrayed "their" port, such as Van der Aa, Spannenburg and Leeuwen. But artists from the west also found inspiration here; for example, a powerful impression can be seen of the Hagenees Van Hoytema, and an oil painting by Amsterdammer Kranenburg in the fluid style typical of him.

Noordik Finals in City Museum Almelo
8 febr. - 1 march 2020

In this exhibition, students from CSG Het Noordik (Havo / VWO) show a selection of their work.

During the Art course they worked on various assignments.
You can think of topics such as: Self-image, Movement, Twente Culture, Cubist Still Life. The version can be 2d or 3d. Students often choose a technique that best fits their work, such as video, photography, painting, fashion.
Their 'masterpiece' hangs in the City Museum.

Expo liberation Almelo 1945
from 22 March to 31 May 2020

Unique images have emerged in our museum that show what the liberation in Almelo meant. We delved into our archive and came across surprising images that may not have seen many Almelo people, so: come and see that, unique images of the liberation of Almelo. Our depot rediscovered. We had it at home without knowing it. Now we will digitize and optimize everything, then we will present everything to the Almeloers. So soon to be seen in our museum.

Archive postcards public.
Nearly 1600 cards can be seen in the archive.

We have a nice archive with photos from the past, now free to view by logging in to our server. With a low resolution, but you can always request an original at very low costs. Contact us.

Our fixed, permanent setup

We have a permanent exhibition within our museum about the textile past of Almelo, Bendien, van Heek Scholco, but also about utensils, important Almeloers, Ten Cate, etc.
Take a look inside this museum, you will be surprised about the quality of the objects and furnishings.
Small but nice.

What is literally in the attic?

Here just some objects from our depot, highlighted.

Heritage on the map

There is a site where a lot of information about municipalities come together, including Almelo, a database with information about anything and everything, worth a visit.