UNTIL 08/01/2023

The Stedelijk Museum Almelo has staged an exhibition on the
theme of collecting.
Some people collect purely for the fun of it, others
because they are building a serious 
Many museums once originated from such private collections.

Public postcard archive.
Nearly 1600 cards can be seen in the archive.

We have an attractive archive with photos from the past, now free to view by logging in to our server. You see them in low resolution, but you can always request an original at very low costs. Contact us.

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Our fixed, permanent setup

We have a permanent exhibition within our museum about the textile past of Almelo, Bendien, van Heek Scholco, but also about utensils, important Almeloers, Ten Cate, etc.
Take a look inside this museum, you will be surprised about the quality of the objects and furnishings.
Small but nice.

What is literally in the attic?

Here you can see a few objects from our depot.

Heritage on the map

Try our attractive touchscreen. It displays everything worthwhile regarding Almelo and surroundings, on both old and current maps, especially the many heritage sites in our old city.

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